Tutorial - Lesson 3


Eighth Notes & First Song


   We have one more note to cover before we start to play some tunes. An eighth note is half a beat long. This means that they're counted "1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &". Eighth notes can be written a number of different ways, but they all have the same value. See the examples below - these are all eighth notes:

Eight Notes


   Click on the image below to hear what it sounds like. Count along as it plays, remembering that eighth notes are counted "1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &". You'll notice that every time you come to "1" you're starting a new measure (because we're still playing in 4/4 time). As before, you'll hear 4 beats as an intro.

Eigth Note Lesson

Click here to hear the above lesson



First Song


   OK, let's put it all together! Listen to the tune below quite a few times before playing it, counting along as it plays. Also listen for good places to take a breath. We'll be adding many embellishments to this tune in other lessons, but for right now keep it simple and  tongue between each note (saying "too" - remember?). If you can't see the entire song on your computer screen, you can click on it to see on a page by itself so you can print it (then use your Browsers "back" button to return here).

Rainy Day

Click here to hear this tune played slowly                      Click here to hear this tune at full speed


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