Deluxe Whistle Starter Set
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We've put together what we believe is the perfect starter set for someone that has never played a musical instrument and doesn't have any experience reading sheetmusic. This set includes two whistles, two tutorial books, two accompanying CDs, and several options.

Owning at least two whistles is a good idea for a few different reasons. Each whistle has its own individual voice - you'll find that some tunes sound better using one whistle, while others sound better on a different one. Also, if you're having a specific problem while learning (not being able to hit a certain note for example), having a second whistle helps you to decide if the problem is whistle-related or if it's just something that you have to work on a little more

If you're new to playing whistle, you might also want to take a look at our Beginner's Section and our Frequently Asked Questions.



         Sweetone (Key of D)                Step One: Play Pennywhistle

This Deluxe Set includes:

  • 1 - Clarke Sweetone D Whistle ~ While there are many fine whistles for a beginner, we believe that the Clarke Sweetone is probably one of the best. It plays very easily, and has a nice, round tone.

  • 1 - Susato Oriole D Whistle ~ Susato Whistles are made of ABS plastic, so they are very durable, and can be carried where ever you go without fear of damage - however, driving with your knee while playing is discouraged ;o) The Susato has a bright, round tone. The narrow, curved windway requires very little air, and the whistle plays quite easily in it's entire two octave range - usually even a few notes above this! One nice feature of the Susato whistles is the thumb rest (see pic below). This gives support for the whistle, is adjustable or can be removed completely if desired.

    We believe that the combination of the Clarke Sweetone and the Susato Whistle gives a beginner two very good (but different) sounding whistles to learn on - whistles that are both also popular among experienced long-time players.

  • 1 - You Can Teach Yourself Tinwhistle - Book & Online Audio ~ This book & audio set teaches the basics of reading sheetmusic and playing whistle in a clear, easy to understand format. It assumes that you have no experience in playing an instrument or reading sheetmusic.

  • 1 - Step One: Play Pennywhistle - Book & CD (OR - upgrade to include a DVD also) ~ This book & CD set goes into more detail teaching traditional ornamentation, and includes some great whistle tunes (there's not a bad tune in the book). A nice thing about the Step One CD is that the whistle plays on one side of your stereo, the accompanying guitar plays on the other. By changing the balance on your stereo you can tune out the guitar to hear exactly what the whistle is playing, or tune out the whistle to play solo along with the guitar!


You save over 10% by purchasing these items from us as a set!
You'll have everything that you need to get started on this marvelous instrument - even if you've never picked up an instrument in your life!


Don't forget to order Pouches for your whistles!
(We recommend getting a different color for each whistle, so you can easily tell your whistles apart while they're in their pouches)



Deluxe Whistle Starter Set - $60.20

~ Include DVD - add $4.40

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