Children's Tinwhistle Method

32 Pages - By Mizzy McCaskill & Dona Gilliam

Book & Online Audio


This is a great book for the beginner with little or no musical experience. It starts out assuming that you have no music reading experience, giving you the basics for reading sheet music in clear simple terms. To start with, all songs have the name of each note on the sheet music, and the fingering printed below. As you (or you child) advance in your playing, new notes and music notations are added. While the songs do slowly get progressively difficult as you go through the book, there are no advanced songs included.


Click here for a list of tracks that are included with the Online Audio.

You will need to have a Whistle in the key of D (Low D or High D) to make proper use of this book. All the tunes are written in keys that are meant to be played on a D whistle. Take a look at the Whistle Section of our online catalog  if you need a D Whistle.



Children's Tinwhistle Method


Children's Tinwhistle Method - Book And Online Audio - Catalog# 95305BCDEB - Price $14.95



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