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Generation Boho Whistle

Key of D


The Generation Boho whistle made in England. As shown above, it is available in three colors (Blue, Black, Green). It is a brass whistle with black plastic fipple (mouthpiece).  The plastic fipple has become accepted by traditional whistle players over the years, because of the consistency of sound compared to a wooden fipple (wood can change tone when wet...). Brass whistles are usually known for their nice, warm tone.

The paisley design is added to the whistle using a hydrographics process. A PVA printed film that holds the pattern is floated onto a bath of water. The PVA is activated by a solution. The whistle body is then immersed into the water and the film seals itself around the whistle. The whistle body is then finished with a durable top coat.

The result is a beautiful, unique whistle!



This whistle is packaged in a gift box, and a detailed  fingering chart/songsheet/mini-tutorial!


(Don't forget to order  a Whistle Pouch for your whistle!) 


Of course, we still stock Brass and Nickel Generations in various keys!

Generation Boho Whistle

Key of D - $12.95

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