Tweaked Generation Whistle
Key of D
Brass, Nickel, or "Folk"

The Tweaked Folk D is a Whistle Shop Exclusive!

  Tweaked Generation D Whistle

June 6th, 2017 - Please Note:
Due to inconsistencies by the manufacturer, Jerry Freeman has decided to stop tweaking Generation Eb, D and C whistles.
He will still be doing his other whistles, including his Tweaked Generation Brass and Nickel Soprano G, Soprano F, and Soprano Bb whistles.
He is also still doing his Generation Brass Low Whistles (keys of G and A), as well as his Blackbirds (keys of Eb, D, and C), and his Mellow Dog D.


Tweaked Generation Brass Folk D

The "Tweaked" Generation D whistle has been fine-tuned by Jerry Freeman. You'll find Jerry's comments about what he does (and why) below:


This whistle is a breakthrough for pennywhistle enthusiasts.


Generation whistles have long been the standard of Irish and other traditional whistle music. However, in the last few decades, the quality of the mass produced Generation whistles has changed. Serious whistle musicians often check out many whistles, often over a period of years, looking for that one, “good” Generation whistle.


This whistle has been “tweaked” (the traditional term for fine tuning a whistle) by Jerry Freeman to create as close as possible to an ideal Generation. It has that coveted Generation sound, with it’s beloved “chiff,” but it plays well and easily.


  • The basic Generation sound remains the same. About the same loudness (assuming you can play the whistle more or less at normal volume before tweaking, which isn't always the case).


  • The sound gets cleaned up of virtually all tendency to buzz, squawk, etc.


  • The bottom two notes become respectably strong and comfortable to play without too easily over-blowing into the second register.


  • The upper and lower registers are respectably matched, both in loudness and timbre.


The end result is a very pleasing sound right up to the top of the second register (loud, but not harsh) and an easy to play whistle. What one famous Irish whistler has called "That Generation sweetness" comes out clear and true.

The cornerstone of the tweaking scheme is that I laminate a layer of plastic material under the soundblade and then rework the ramp to create a new soundblade edge that's appropriately positioned in relation to the windway. The soundblade edge is brought down to just a little above the windway floor, which is the ideal position.

In addition, I fill the cavity under the windway and work a bevel onto the 'block' i.e., the window end of the windway floor. Once the soundblade is in the ideal position relative to the height of the windway, a combination of adjusting the bevel, the soundblade edge configuration and the length of the voicing window produces the final result."


The above text - and pic below - are used with kind permission of Jerry Freeman


If you are new to playing whistle, we always recommend that you start with a whistle in the key of D. See our Beginner's Section for more info on whistle keys.


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Tweaked Generation D Whistle

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