Tweaked Generation Whistle
Several Keys Available (More Keys Available Soon)


As you're probably aware, Generation does not make Low Whistles (Bb is the lowest whistle that they make). Jerry Freeman takes the Generation mouthpiece, improves it with his world-famous tweaking process, then adds it to his own Brass whistle body, making a truly unique whistle.

The Low A whistle is approx. 16.5" long; the Low G whistle is approx. 18" long. They have a nice, mellow tone and are easy to blow through their entire two octave range. Note that these whistles are large enough that you might want to use the "Modified Piper's Grip" that we describe in the Low Whistle section of our website.


Sound clip of the Generation Low G



The Whistle Shop's owner (Thom Larson) singing "Silent Night". Also features a solo on the Freeman Low G whistle.

If you are new to playing whistle, we always recommend that you start with a soprano whistle in the key of D! See our Beginner's Section for more info on whistle keys.


(Don't forget to order a Whistle Pouch for your whistle!)


Tweaked Generation Low Whistle

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