Feadóg and Feadóg Pro
Key of D or C

 Available in many colors - purchase separately or as a set!


   This is the Feadóg whistle, made in Ireland. It's made of brass and has a slightly breathy - but very pleasing - "traditional" tone with a two octave range. The mouthpiece is not glued on, so the whistle is "somewhat tunable" (see our "Make It Tunable" Page for more on this).


The Feadóg Pro has a double-coat of finish, which helps to stabilize the tone, making it a more forgiving whistle for beginners, as well as being an excellent choice for more experienced players.





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Feadóg Whistles 

 Feadóg D Whistles  Feadóg C Whistles
 Feadóg Brass D - #136 - $12.10   Feadóg Brass C  -  #FW20A  - $13.90
 Feadóg Blue D  -  #FW26B  -  $12.85  Feadóg Nickel C  -  #FW21A  - $18.80
 Feadóg Pink D -  #FW26PI  -  $12.85      
 Feadóg Green D  -  #FWG  -  $12.85
 Feadóg Black D  -  #136BLK  -  $12.85
 Feadóg Red D  -  #FWR  -  $12.85
 FULL SET of Six Feadógs Listed Above  -  #FWSET  -  $68.75 - SAVE 10%!
Feadóg PRO Black D  -  #136PROBLK  -  $13.85
Feadóg PRO Nickel D  -  #136PRO  -  $15.95

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