Susato Kildare

Many Keys available

The Susato Kildare continues to be one of our most popular whistles. It's easy to play throughout its entire two octave range (making it a very good whistle for the beginner), and is loud enough to keep up with other instruments during sessions.

We know that this page can be a quite daunting to someone that's just starting out (there's LOTS of info here). If you feel overwhelmed by the information here, here's a bit of advice to simplify your search - purchase a Susato Kildare V-series Soprano D Whistle (#KPW205-V).
This is a perfect whistle for beginners!


Susato whistles are made of durable ABS plastic and have a bright, round tone. Each whistle includes a pouch, an adjustable (removable) thumbrest and a fingering chart (see pics below).

Note that these whistles tunable!
The tuning joint is designed to slide smoothly, while still holding it firmly in position while playing.

Keys (as shown above) are available at an additional cost.


If you're new to whistle, we recommend that you choose a Soprano D whistle. For more on this, please see our
Beginner's Section.



Susato V-series ("Very Small Bore") Whistles

The original Susato Soprano Whistle is considered a "Small Bore" whistle (the bore is the diameter of the barrel of the whistle). Susato has now answered requests for a quieter, sweeter sounding whistle for the soprano keys - the "Very Small Bore" Soprano whistle.



Susato Low Whistles with Keys!

As you've probably seen mentioned many places at our website, the Low Whistle can be very intimidating, due to its large size. Susato has addressed this problem by adding the option of keys to their Low Whistles. Keys can be added to any Susato M-series or L-series whistle in the key of G or lower (the cost to add keys is $25.00 each). We have a few of the popular whistles with keys listed for purchase below. If you don't see the configuration that you're interested in, please contact us; we'll be happy to special order exactly what you'd like!

We are stocking the Kildare Low C (and Low C#) with three keys (the keys are on the top hole, the third hole down from the top, and the bottom hole - these would be the A, the F, and the C holes on a C whistle).

The unique design of the key allows you to completely cover the hole as long as your finger rests anywhere on the key (see image below)..


The Whistle Shop's opinion on keys:

"In my opinion, a key should be put on a whistle only as a last resort, if the Player can absolutely not play the whistle without the key. I firmly believe that just about anyone can play a Low Whistle, if they practice a modified version of the Piper's Grip, and come up with a version of it that works for them. The main problem with keys is that you are no longer able to bend or half-hole that note, once you put a key on that hole. You will also find that you are forced to only play whistles with keys on them in the future. Keys serve a purpose for a few Players (players with very narrow fingers, Players with arthritis, etc.), but in general, most players should learn to use their own modified version of the Piper's Grip." 

Thom Larson




Susato Pouches
All Kildare whistles include a pouch (colors may vary), Cork Grease and a fingering chart


Susato Fingering Chart


A few notes about bore sizes:

  • V-series - The smallest of the Susato whistles, the V-series has a nice clean, very sweet tone. It's loud enough to keep up with other instruments, while not being overpowering. This is an excellent choice for a beginning player, but is also a whistle that experienced players will want to have in their collection. Whistles in this range are also known as "Soprano" Whistles.

  • S-series - The S-series whistle has a little larger bore (diameter) than the V-series. It requires a little more air (a little more "push") than the V-series, and has more volume. It's a great whistle for a player that's a little more aggressive in their playing style, or for the player that needs to keep up with many instruments at a Session. Whistles in this range are also known as "Soprano" Whistles.

  • M-series - These are considered "Low Whistles" by some players, while considered "Alto Whistles" by others. They are the perfect choice for someone just starting out on Low Whistle; they let you practice the "Piper's Grip" on a whistle that's not as intimidating as a Low D Whistle can be (for instance, the Low G whistle is exactly half-way in between the size of a Soprano D and and a Low D whistle). Be sure to read our FAQ and Low Whistle pages before purchasing your first Low Whistle!

  • L-series - Also known as "Low Whistles" these whistles have that wonderful low, haunting tone that everyone loves. Note that the Low Whistle takes quite a bit of practice, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Be sure to read our FAQ and Low Whistle pages before purchasing your first Low Whistle!

  • LX-series - These are the largest Susato Low Whistles. The Kildare LX whistles are available in Low C and Low C#, both with three keys. See the L-series whistles above for more details about these whistles.



* A Note about Medium-bore and Large-bore Susato Whistles
Susato used to make all of their whistles from one of two different bore sizes (the "bore" is the diameter - or width - of the whistle). The Large-bore is great for low whistles; the narrow-bore is perfect for soprano whistles. The problem was that a few keys fell in-between - namely G, A and Bb. The Low G were a little to high for the wide-bore style; A and Bb were a little too low for the narrow-bore. This problem was solved by introducing the "Medium-bore" - a diameter that is in-between

The medium-bore Susato is a good choice for a first Low Whistle. Its narrower design and smaller finger holes make it simpler to get the hang of, while still achieving that wonderful "Low Whistle sound". If you're new to whistle, the Low Whistle can be a bit intimidating. Please see our Low Whistle Section before deciding if a Low Whistle is right for you.



You might also want to take a look at our Three-Whistle Sets


We can also special order Susatos for you. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, feel free to contact us via email.

Susato Kildare Whistles
All Whistles are Black unless noted otherwise.

Note that "Body Only" means that a mouthpiece is NOT INCLUDED!
If you purchase a "Body Only", you will need to provide the proper mouthpiece to be able to play the whistle!

Full Sets of Susato Kildares are listed near the bottom of this page.

Very Small Bore

 KPW202-V - Soprano F - $52.00    
 KPW202 -VBODY - Soprano F - BODY ONLY - $27.00    
 KPW203-V - Soprano E - $52.00    
 KPW203 - VBODY - Soprano E - BODY ONLY - $27.00    
 KPW204-V - Soprano Eb - $52.00    
 KPW204 - VBODY - Soprano Eb - BODY ONLY - $27.00    
 KPW205-V - Soprano D - $52.00    
 KPW205 - VBODY - Soprano D - BODY ONLY - $27.00    

Small Bore

 KPW204-S - Soprano Eb - $54.00    
 KPW204-SBODY - Soprano Eb - BODY ONLY - $28.00    
 KPW205-S - Soprano D - $54.00    
 KPW205-SBODY - Soprano D - BODY ONLY - $28.00    
 KPW205b-S - Soprano Db (C#) - $54.00    
 KPW205b-SBODY - Soprano Db (C#) - BODY ONLY - $28.00    
 KPW206-S - Soprano C - $54.00    
 KPW206-SBODY - Soprano C - BODY ONLY - $28.00    
 KPW207-S - Soprano B - $54.00    
 KPW207-SBODY - Soprano B - BODY ONLY - $28.00    

Medium Bore

 KPW208-M - Mezzo-Sop. Bb - $84.90    
 KPW208-MBODY - Mezzo-Sop. Bb-BODY ONLY - $43.45    
 KPW209-M - Low A - $84.90    
 KPW209-MBODY - Low A - BODY ONLY - $43.45    
 KPW209b-M - Low Ab (G#) - $84.90    
 KPW209b-MBODY - Low Ab(G#) - BODY ONLY - $43.45    
KPW210-M - Low G - $84.90    
KPW210-MBODY - Low G - BODY ONLY - $43.45    

Large Bore

 KPW211-L - Low F# - $108.90    
 KPW211-LBODY - Low F# - BODY ONLY - $55.45    
 KPW212-L - Low F - $108.90    
 KPW212-LBODY - Low F - BODY ONLY - $55.45    
KPW213-L - Low E - $108.90    
KPW213-LBODY - Low E - BODY ONLY - $55.45    
 KPW214-L - Low Eb - $108.90    
 KPW214-LBODY - Low Eb - BODY ONLY - $55.45    
 KPW215-L - Low D - $108.90    
 KPW215-LBODY - Low D - BODY ONLY - $55.45    
 KPW215-LK1 - Low D w/ One Key - $133.90    
 KPW215-LK1BODY - Low D w/ 1 Key - BODY ONLY - $79.95    
 KPW215-LK2 - Low D w/ Two Keys - $158.90    
 KPW215-LK2BODY - Low D w/ Two Keys - BODY ONLY- $104.95    

Largest Bore

 KPW216CS-LXK3 - Low C# w/ Three Keys - $192.90    
 KPW216CS-LXK3BODY - Low C# w/ 3 Keys - BODY ONLY - $133.95    
 KPW216-LXK3 - Low C w/ Three Keys - $192.90    
 KPW216-LXK3BODY - Low C w/ 3 Keys - BODY ONLY - $133.95    

Kildare - Mouthpieces only
(The following are mouthpieces only - whistle body is not included)

 KPWH18-V - Susato Kildare Very-small-bore (V-series) Mouthpiece, Black - $26.00    
 KPWH20-S - Susato Kildare Small-bore (S-series) Mouthpiece, Black - $27.00    
 KPWH22-M - Susato Kildare Medium-bore (M-series) Mouthpiece, Black - $42.45    
 KPWH24-L - Susato Kildare Large-bore (L-series) Mouthpiece (NOT for Low C# or Low C), Black - $54.45    
 KPWH26-L - Susato Kildare Largest-bore (LX-series) Mouthpiece (for Low C# or Low C) Black - $58.95    

Susato Whistle Stands
Solid Rosewood w/ dowels to hold Whistles upright

V = Very Small Bore   

  M = Medium Bore

S = Small Bore   

  L = Large Bore

LX = Largest Bore

 DS11-SV - 11 Position Stand (6V, 5S positions) - $43.00    
 DS12 - 12 Position Stand (4V, 2S, 3M, 3L or LX positions) - $49.00    
 DS16 - 16 Position Stand (4 each of V, S, M, L or LX positions) - $54.00    
 DS22 - 22 Position Stand (6V, 5S, 4M, 5L, 2LX positions) - $69.50    

Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!

Some images on this page used with kind permission of Susato

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