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The Chiff and Fipple
THE place on the Internet to find unbiased whistle information, including a whistle-related newsletter, whistle message board and a whistle chat room. If you only visit one link from this page, make sure it's this one!

Thom's eBay Auctions - Quite often you'll find The Whistle Shop's owner (Thom Larson) selling some unique musical merchandise here...

Greg Vail's "Smooth Jazz Christmas" - Be sure to check this out! Some amazing Christmas Pennywhistle music downloads from Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail (many are free). You'll find the Pennywhistle tunes on this page. Also be sure to check out his "Smooth Jazz Christmas" page!

Cherish The Ladies Website ~ If you're not familiar with CTL, you're in for a real treat. To say that this all-woman group is full of talent is a vast understatement. The group includes the legendary Joanie Madden on whistle and flute.

The Whistle Shop's Slow Session - Our Slow Session meets twice a month (although it is currently on hiatus...). It's designed mostly for new players that may not be up to speed for a full-paced Session. Even if you don't live close enough to join us for the Session, you'll find this page to be a good source for learning to play (it includes some free sheetmusic, as well as recordings of the tunes that we're working on). - Great site for planning your trip to Ireland.

Local Ireland has awarded The Whistle Shop with their "Stamp of Excellence" (this award is based on exemplary design, quality of information, user-friendly navigation and overall website excellence). We highly recommend that you visit this site frequently if you have any interest in Ireland and Irish culture.

CEOL ~ A great source of Irish music sessions in Central Illinois (and the Midwest). Includes a calendar of sessions, chat room, message board and more.

Brother Steve's Tin-whistle Pages ~ A very informative website that has lots of info on traditional ornamentation for the whistle.

L.E. McCullough's Website ~ Whistle/flute Master, Teacher, Poet - he does it all. A definite must-see website!

EXORNA (formerly "Doon The Brae") plays many styles of Celtic songs, session tunes, Ceilidh dance music, slow airs. Find out more about this Midwest group here.

Cuisle - (formerly "Cushla") An excellent four-member group, based in the Midwest. They tell me that they will be posting recordings of tunes at their website that you can download free of charge!

The Irish Times

The Lord of the Dance Website ~ Info about Michael Flatley's Legendary Dance Troupe.

Mike Simpson's Tinwhistle Guide ~ This very informative whistle info site was apparently taken down. The link here is to a "mirror site" that includes most of the information.

Irish Net ~ Find just about anything Irish on the Internet from here.

MuseScore ~ Download a shareware version of a very easy to use sheetmusic writing program. This program will allow you to automatically print out sheetmusic for .mid and .abc songs that you find on the Internet. It also will transpose sheetmusic to any key with just one click (very helpful for whistle players!). This program (in conjunction with Photo Impact) was used to write all of the sheetmusic in our Tutorial.

eBay Auction Site ~ Probably the best place on the Internet to buy or sell just about anything.

Robert Stemmons The Whistler ~ Official Website of "The Whistler" (mouth whistling). Includes a large section on the art of melodic mouth whistling.

Solas ~ Very nicely done website about the super-group Solas.

Terry McGee ~ An excellent info site for wooden flute (and other wooden instruments) care. Terry McGee is a flute maker in Australia - his site is a must if you own a wooden instrument.

Glen Weiser's Celtic Guitar Page ~ Glen is the author of three Celtic fingerstyle guitar books and a Celtic harmonica book. He also writes for Acoustic Guitar and Sin Out magazines. His site includes free Celtic guitar tablature, articles on Celtic Guitar, discographies, and much more.

The Coors ~ Well done website for the Irish pop group The Corrs.

The Whistle Workshop and Gig Guide ~ a nicely done website by David Auty dedicated to whistles. Includes tips on playing whistle, tunes and more.

The Old Music Project - Website dedicated to "the preservation and promulgation of 'older' music".

JC's TuneFinder ~ Looking for a specific tune? Try here.

SETI At Home ~ A very exciting project by SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Hundreds of thousands of people like you and me are using their PC's in this search for life on other planets. You download a block of radio telescope information from Seti's site, then your computer processes it whenever your screensaver comes on. When this block of information has been processed, you send it back to SETI and get a new block to process. You might be the one that finds ET! You can download the "Screensaver" program at


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