Be sure to check this out - few amazing FREE Christmas Pennywhistle music downloads from Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail. You'll find the Pennywhistle tunes on this page. Also be sure to check out his "Smooth Jazz Christmas" page!

The BBC’s “Virtual Session” – You’ll find sheetmusic (including guitar chords) here, along with Session-style recordings:

The Whistle Shop - This is location of our Slow Session. The Whistle Shop specializes in Celtic instruments and sheetmusic:

JC’s TuneFinder – A great site to search for sheetmusic for just about any traditional Celtic tune:

Ceol & FPM Records - Great source of info for what's happening in Celtic music in the Midwest. Includes a calendar of events and a very good e-Mail list:

Leprechaun's Gate - A 2 hour radio show that can be heard every Sunday, 1:00pm - 3:00pm (cdt) on WWHP 98.3 fm located in Farmer City, IL. It also can be heard over the world wide web by going to Leprechaun's Gate website and "clicking" on the station's logo. Then "click" on "Listen live". - Great site for planning your trip to Ireland.

Amazing Slow DownerI highly recommend this for everyone! It enables you to take any music CD (or music file on your computer) and slow it down to a speed that’s comfortable for you play along with, without changing the pitch (you can also change the pitch if you need to). It’s very simple to use:

Clips & Snips – Recordings of amateur (and professional) whistle players - lots of nice tunes:

Wandering Whistler – Greg Mahan’s website, a very good source of traditional Irish sheetmusic:

Stress Café – Listings of Irish music events in the Midwest:

Chiff & FippleThe best place on the internet for unbiased whistle information:

Elements of Irish Traditional Music - Learn a little about the different time signatures for Irish music here:

Cuisle - formerly Cushla) An excellent four-member group, based in the Midwest. They tell me that they will be posting recordings of tunes at their website that you can download free of charge!

 Finale - Software for sheetmusic notation. Many versions available.

Please send me an email if you know of a good link to add to this page!

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