Susato Thumbrests

All Susato Whistles come with a Thumbrest included, but these Thumbrests can of course be used on other whistles also. You just clip it onto the whistle so that your right thumb sits underneath it to support the whistle.


Even if you don't use the Thumbrest to support your whistle, you can clip out of the way near the bottom of your whistle, so that you're whistle doesn't roll off the table when you set it down!


Thumbrests are available in Black, Clear Ivory or Brown, in sizes for most whistles.
Note that the smallest thumbrest available (#0) is currently only available in Black, Ivory or Brown (not Clear).

Susato Thumbrest
Item #237
Price: $2.00 Each

If you know the specific size of the Thumbrest(s) that you need (#0 - #6), enter the size in the "Description" box below. If you do not know the specific size, just enter the brand of instrument, the key and the color thumbrest that you'd like in the "Description" box (examples: "Overton Low D, Clear", "Burke Session-bore Brass Soprano D, Black", "Susato Kildare Medium-bore F, Brown").
If you prefer, you can put the O.D. (Outside Diameter) of your whistle as a description instead (example: "
Whistle Body 3/4" O.D.")

An ideal Description would be something like:
Walton's Brass Mellow D Whistle, Key of D, 9/16" O.D.
(but we can usually figure it out with less information than this)

We can figure out the correct size for most whistles, as long as you tell us the maker and the Key of the whistle. If you happen to order a Thumbrest for a whistle that we aren't familiar with, we may need to contact you via email for a measurement of the outside diameter of your whistle.

Special Note concerning Straight-bore whistles:
The smallest thumbrest available (#0) is not small enough for many of the Brass-with-plastic-mouthpiece whistles. The body of the whistle must be at least 9/16" for the thumbrest to properly support the whistle!
For example, a thumbrest will not work on a Walton's Brass Irish Soprano D Whistle (or a Generation Soprano D Whistle), but it will work on a Walton's Mellow D (or a Walton's Brass Irish Soprano C) Whistle.

Special Note concerning Tapered-bore whistles:
(Shaw and Copeland, for example)
We will probably need you to provide the outside diameter of your whistle exactly at the point where you intend to place the thumbrest. This will
not be necessary for tapered-bore whistles that we stock here (Clarke Originals, Sweetones and Megs). Due to the tapered shape of the Clarke whistle the smallest thumbrest available (#0) must be used under the left (upper) thumb on a Clarke Whistle. As mentioned above, the #0 thumbrest is currently not available in Clear.

03/21/2023 - PLEASE NOTE:
We are currently out of stock on #4, and #5 Thumbrests in "Clear" (other colors in these sizes are in stock). As mentioned, please feel free to contact us before placing your order, if you're unsure what size you need.
It will probably be a few weeks before our next shipment of these thumbrests arrives here.



Feel free to contact us via email before placing your order if you have any questions concerning Thumbrests.


Thumbrest Color:


Description of Whistle or Thumbrest (see notes above):


Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!


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